Ride of Life

If I sit down for a moment and ponder over my past years, I reminisce grief-stricken moments as well as times which I will cherish forever. I have had a fair share of happiness and sorrow, winning and losing, success and failure, and I believe I am no exception.

Everyone, who is anyone, shares the same reality with me, whether he or she admits it or not. But, very often, we tend to forget our blessings and remember every small fragment of injustice. This is human. But there is indeed no point in being-crest fallen and blaming luck, if one looks at it from an unbiased point of view.

However, what really hurts, what really stings deep into our hearts and causes tears to flow from our eyes, is actually when we work profoundly and give in our optimum in any task or project and still no one acknowledges it. No one is there to applaud our priceless efforts. No one. Can one believe it? We stand there in disbelief. Waiting for some words of encouragement and praise, but Alas! Nothing happens…

Is it not sardonic? Many a times life does this to us. It passes us not even noticing that we exist, not even bothering to notice, as if it is mocking at us. I wonder why?
But then again, have you ever ruminated and thought why we need such appreciation? Should we really crave for such acknowledgements knowing that it is coming from a world which has yet to distinguish between sense and nonsense?
I strongly believe that life keeps giving you tears and sorrows, and then unexpectedly rewards you with happiness and a reason to smile which is worth all your tears… all your sorrows. So, meanwhile, then shouldn’t we all just cheerfully enjoy the ride of life?

My Perfect Friend

We find ourselves telling each other the deepest details of our lives. Things which we don’t even share with our families. But who is a friend… a confident? A lover? A shoulder to cry on? An ear to listen? A heart to feel?

A friend is all of these things and even more…

About a year ago, I came across a person who now happens to be one of my best friends. Yeah, I still wonder how that happened! Tonight, I have this urge to send it out in the void and hope that he would get a chance to read this (though I highly doubt it.)

No matter where we met, no matter how long we have been together, I call you a friend. A word so small, yet so large in meaning. A word full of emotions and overflowing love. Truly, great things come in small packages. Once the package of friendship has been opened, it can never be closed. It is a constant book always waiting; waiting to be read and enjoyed.

He is one of those perfect people whom you think only exist in either movies or in your own fantasies. Sometimes he gets so good to be true. I know it’s a cliché but I don’t have words to describe the ways he brightened up my life. Sometimes, just by being there and sometimes appreciating the little adorable things in life(Beach Coming Soon!! 😉 ) He has this perfect way of making you feel better when you want to cry your eyes out. He is exceptional at making you laugh when you need to feel cheerful and I just wish he would know that there is a friend who truly cares about him and he is always in her thoughts. There might have been some misunderstandings between us lately..but I know..he’ll forgive me. He’ll be back as my old friend. I want him back…

We may argue and concern for one another, yet our friendship emerges through all circumstances and this will last throughout. This will remain forever. I promise.

This charming guy has an brilliant personality and I am so proud of him!!!


Sometimes…it seems that you’re having a weak moment. The moment when you give a part of yourself to someone else, hoping that they will take care of it, the moment when you feel completely and utterly vulnerable. The moment of truth. The moment of trust…

Did you ever wake up one morning and bang! Reality comes back to you!? But then, calming your nerves with a cup of coffee, you try to sort yourself out. You’re filled with mixed emotions. You’re afraid yet relieved. You’re loved yet lost. You’re open yet closed…

Why do we feel so vulnerable when we trust someone? But paradoxically, if we cannot trust, we cannot find love or joy.

I don’t know why, but I really feel I can trust you 🙂


I spent the better part of my day just taking photographs and drinking my coffee when I was finally tired enough to head back inside.

I was walking along towards my house when I noticed this beautiful scene.


Here is a confession:I have a certain fascination with nature. I could not help but to watch this cute family for a few minutes. I wondered about their lives- thinking where they might be heading towards, what they might be thinking…

Someone has truly said, ‘If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.”

Spread the Love

I do not believe in luck, I do instead firmly believe in the concept of karma. I am someone who believes in doing good things will return positive vibes in your favour, and of course vice versa with negative and ill intended objectives.
We have all heard this saying;
“Treat others as you would like to be treated”
The concept of treating others well is an extremely simple thing to do. Instead of doing something that is very easy to do…being polite and gentle, I find more people rude, harsh and aggressive towards others for no apparent reason. I never understood the idea of being rude to someone, especially a stranger. It does nothing for you and nothing for them other than possibly ruining both of the individual’s day. So why do it?
We are all humans. Very often we commit the mistake of making someone else our verbal punching bag, but believe me, apologising after being rude can make you feel so good/at peace sometimes…
Try to be as polite and nice as possible even if you are having a horrible day, because it is not that person’s fault. Usually it is no one’s fault, simply a state that you are in because something went wrong…but to take it out on someone else that you have no idea where they are in life..is so selfish..

The thing is we all need kindness. Sometimes one act of kindness in a day can change someone’s mood, day or sometimes even life. This world we live in needs more love, kindness, understanding, hope and gentle hands. Our world is so filled with gossip, negative displays, hate, intolerance, cold hearts and cruel hands that we should do whatever we can to counter balance those horrible things. Even if it is just saying good morning to a stranger or even asking your ex how his day is going. Every little bit helps this world.
Do your part.
“What goes around comes around.
Be kind to others and the universe will return that kindness to you.”



In the end the choice is yours.
Spread the love 😉

What truly matters

It’s exactly how they show in the movies: You see smoke and hear faint sounds that you can’t make out. While you try to make sense of your surroundings and yourself, you hear the sirens of an ambulance growing louder. You know that this time its coming for you. Your body is numb and at certain points it almost seems as if you are not in your body or in this casualty, but as if you are standing a few feet away from it all, watching this scene. But you are snapped back into your body when the pain comes and when a stranger tries to talk to you. You can hear them but you find yourself unresponsive. Perhaps it’s the smoke. So they pull you out, somehow manage to put a caste around your neck and lay your limp body flat on the stretcher. You can’t move, you can’t see anyone, other than the night sky and the ambulance, and then the blurred lights of the hospital ceiling because by this time the pain is unbearable, the sounds are growing fainter, and its getting darker.

It’s exactly how I saw it in the movies, except that this time I could feel the pain.

The next thing I really remember is when I am on a hospital bed. I am alone in the room, with only the beeping sound of the machines I am hooked to telling me that I am still alive. At some point the nurse comes in and explains to me what happened and where I am. According to her, I should not move until they determine how much damage was done to my body. So, I lie still, trying not to move, or think, or focus on the pain. I take a deep breath and the fear subsides for a moment. But here’s where the movies go wrong, along with all the other stories you have heard: your life doesn’t flash before your eyes, and nothing happens in slow motion. Instead, everything happens way too fast.

Lying in the dark hospital room, I calm my nerves, and a few things come to mind. I don’t think about myself or what could have happened to me, or that I am thankful that I am alive. I only focus on the important things. All the other nonsense I have spend years creating around me does not matter at all. All the things I come across on a daily basis that I normally cannot imagine being without, are of no use when I lie there alone taking some exhausted breaths.


I suppose that’s the crazy part about near death experiences, it doesn’t dramatically change your life. It doesn’t really make you a better person, but it does put everything else into perspective for you. It makes you realise that in the clutter of your life what truly matters to you…


Okay, I am not a psychologist nor specialised in any way in men’s psychology(I don’t think I can become one either!)  I am just a young woman who has her opinions. And yea..I do love men! :p

They say, men and women always end up on the opposite ends. Women complain about how insensitive and “gross” men are and men whine about the cry-babies women can turn into.
Granted, there are differences but we have to learn to live with them, right?

Lets start with relationships. Men are committed. If he is committed to you once probably he will remain committed to you for the rest of his life. But the problem is that you don’t really know when he is really committed.

When a relationship ends, a woman will cry and pour her heart out to her girlfriends, and she will write a poem titled “All Men Are Idiots.” Then she will get on with her life. A man has a little more trouble letting go. Yes, they’re sensitive and sometimes emotional too.

Another thing women need to understand and tolerate is that ‘some’ men are big kids (Com’ on guys, accept it!). They don’t really know much about their feelings. If they get to know about it, it’s either after ruining everything or when their girl is already with someone else.

The three magical words…why are you so afraid to tell them?? Dude..what’s so difficult saying I Love You to your loved ones? Women actually know that you love them, but saying the three magical words can be good sometimes. Try it on your mom/wife/girlfriend today, you’ll see the magic.

Woman, if they care too much, they’re “needy.” (Yea..I was given this title. But,I have no regret that I cared though) If they don’t then you might hear something like “No one cares.”

Another thing I have learnt from my day to day life is that men don’t take hints. Whether its your friend, husband, boyfriend or brother, they just don’t. Hints don’t register with guys. Women pride themselves on being able to know intuitively what their friends, husbands and kids are thinking, but men have no interest in reading minds. I’ve learnt from men: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” If, for example, you want him to take you out for your birthday, you’re wasting your time dropping hints like “Guess what day Saturday is? It’s someone’s birthday!” If you do that, believe me you’ll be 80 before he takes you out.

And while you’re at it, don’t hint about wanting a gift. But, if you do ask, chances are you will get it. Be it an expensive ring or a loving kiss, don’t hesitate to ask them for it.

In the end, remember that men are human. We all are. We are unique and we have our own individuality. You will not go anywhere in understanding someone if you keep on putting them in one stereotypical category or another.

Good Luck Ladies! 🙂


What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

For me, it’s not in going crazy shopping for friends and family… it’s not really in decorating Christmas trees or cooking delicious food. It’s in the happy faces and the occasional scream of joy or laughter of happiness…

I love the smiles I get from all over. The comforting touches. The text messages and phone calls from friends around the country…

…and then Christmas is about romancing. The holding hands and kissing next to the Christmas Tree…those endless late night phone calls singing  All I Want For Christmas Is You.

This time of the year is about memories. It is not really about the expensive diamond in the little box. Instead, the hours it took to stand in line to get that little gift wrapped…this is what touches my heart the most. I suppose when everything is done and gone and the gifts are broken and lost, that’s what you really remember and cherish – the thought, the effort, and the fact that they know what you like… and most importantly, the love 🙂

So, people have a Holly Jolly Christmas!! Ho! Ho!